Rick’s Cafe

I nearly forgot to include Rick’s Cafe in my tales of Casablanca! After the mosque, we were given 3 free hours to do as we pleased. Because of the mosque’s location, it was about a 15 minute walk to a restaurant called Rick’s Cafe. For those of you who are movie buffs, yes, as in the one from the movie Casablanca.


Interior of Rick’s Cafe

The short story is that after the movie came out, an American diplomat purchased a shop within the city and replicated the movie set. After many years of renovations, the restaurant mimics the movie location almost exactly. Though admittedly, I haven’t actually seen the entire movie. So I might be a little off in my evaluation.


Second floor of Rick’s Cafe

But after seeing the beautiful interior, I definitely want to watch the movie when I have a chance to! It was a great place to eat and really get to know some of the other ISA kids. The food was excellent, and the company was wonderful.


G and me at our table

After lunch, we caught taxis back to our rendezvous point–McDonald’s! The golden arches can be found everywhere. The best part was the stereotyping us Americans received from going there. As I mentioned earlier, we had to take cabs to meet up with the rest of ISA. Many of the taxi drivers mostly speak French and Arabic, so we tried our best to explain where we were going in Arabic. We were meeting at the McDonalds on Ain Diab beach, a name that our American accents have a difficult time pronouncing. So whenever we would ask a taxi if they were driving that way, they would repeat the name back to us to make sure they interpreted our butchered name correctly. However, when the taxi we wound up taking asked where on Ain Diab, he didn’t hesitate to drop us off at “Mactoob”, the Arabic pronunciation of McDonald’s. It was definitely amusing to say the least!


Ain Diab Beach

Thank you for reading! I promise my next post will be about Meknes.




One thought on “Rick’s Cafe

  1. “here’s lookin’ at you, kid”. Glad you got to go there! Interesting that the cafe was based on the movie, not vice versa. Sorta like a Moroccan Bubba Gump’s. 🙂
    Everyone loves your posts! Thank you for sharing your trip with all of us back home!

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