Route to Meknes

Hello again! I apologize for the silence over the past few days. In true Libby fashion (those of you close to me understand), I managed to be the one in 12600 odds (Yes, I calculated that correctly) to contract all the side effects from my typhoid vaccine. So these past few days have consisted solely of school and sleep. But, as I told my roommate earlier, I took my Advil and I’m ready to go!

So. Picking up where I’d left off: I was getting ready to leave Casablanca for Meknes. It was about a 4 hour trip through the countryside of Morocco. Driving through this scenic route, I was amazed at all the beautiful sights I saw. Within 36 short hours, my plane landed in Casablanca, I did a whirlwind tour of the city, and was then on a bus to Meknes. During those rare moments of serenity on the bus, I had one of my first  “Oh-my-gosh-this-is-actually-happening” moments. Getting to visit Morocco is an incredible privilege. Seeing what other part of the globe is like is absolutely unbelievable. Every direction I turned was a new picturesque farm, more rolling hills, and another quintessential town. This is only a small sampling of the pictures I took, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the road to Meknes.


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