The Rooftop

So the other day, one of the other ISA students was hanging out at my apartment, doing homework and such. After a couple hours, he packs his stuff up and leaves to head home. About five or six minutes  after he leaves, there was a knock on our front door. It was our friend, having returned. Without a single greeting or anything, he says, “So. I took a detour, and did you guys know you can go up on your roof?”

DSCF1359View of the medina

At that point, it was about 15 minutes until sunset, so we grabbed our cameras and keys and scrambled to the top floor of our building. Up an additional flight of stairs, out a rickety door, and we had made it. It was dirty, and we had to maneuver our way through dozens of satellite and laundry lines, but the view made it entirely worth it. Most days, I can see glimpses of the old city (the medina) during my walk to and from school. But up 8 stories, my line of sight was completely unobstructed. Watching the sunset over the city was absolutely breath-taking.

DSCF1376My roommates and I enjoying the sunset



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